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Condenser Coils:

The condenser coils are tubes to carry the refrigerant through so it can be cooled. The fins on the tubes make it happen with great efficiency in that they have become so well designed that they transfer a lot of heat very rapidly. They are soft aluminum and must be keep free of damage and must be kept clean for them to work well.

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We do not SELL these items
After you turn off the 230 volts to the unit, you may simply wash them with water. Don't use too high a pressure as to damage the layout of the fins, but otherwise, just give them a good spray from outside/in or from inside/out. It is of little consequence which direction with the new coils. They are not so dense anymore for it to be a problem cleaning. Just make sure the water flowing through to the other side flows as clean water. This is a great way to know if there is still any debris left inside the fins.

If the surface of the fins become damaged, IT IS A BIG DEAL. You can straighten them nearly like new with a "fin comb" from a dealer or you may carefully use the point of a small screwdriver.
This is more tedious, but very effective. Only when these fins are clean and properly aligned can a unit work without spinning that electric meter too fast.

After you wash these coils with water, let them drip dry and let the ground soak up some of the water before you turn the power back on. It might be excessively dangerous to do otherwise, because some part may be shorted or some wire laying in a pool of water (and your spouse wants you to still have your hair and all your limbs in tact when you are finished).

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